A Welcome Back Message to Returning Members from the new President


 District Lodge 140 PDGC -Dave Flowers Message


Activate LIVE: Young Workers Strategy Program at Placid Harbor
-Hollywood, Maryland

Nicole Tappenden from Local 2323 -Interview starts at 11:40


Understanding Your Pension -Part One -IAMAW Local 2323 (57:22)


Understanding Your Pension -Part Two -IAMAW Local 2323 (1:27:04)


Understanding Your Pension -Part Three -IAMAW Local 2323 (57:46)


Video: Activate L!VE: Winpisinger Center Special Edition -Hollywood, Maryland
Local 2323 Trustee & Shop Steward Paul Hicks (at 16:55)

Old Days
Thanks to Michael M.

Watch on YouTube
In Memoriam: Ramp and Cargo YYZ
Thanks to Michael M.

IAM Sisters Summit

Impact of Work Related Injuries on IAMAW Members

“Over There” by Kevin O’Brien

The Power of Union is Strength

Air Megantic


Wealth Inequality in America

OFL Rally for Porter FBO Fuelers -February 28, 2013

OFL Rally -Tony DePaulo -USW

OFL Rally for Porter -Sid Ryan

OFL Rally for Porter -Ken Lewenza -CAW

OFL Rally for Porter -Nancy Hutchison

OFL Rally for Porter -Dave Ritchie

Brutally Yours -ITF Video

Bill 115: Dark day for democracy

YYZ/ITF Solidarity & Support for PALEA Workers in Manila

Box Car 377 -Rabble TV

RMR: Rick’s Rant – New Jobs

RMR: Rick’s Rant – Omnibus Bill II: The Sequel

Rick Mercer: The 2012 Omnibus

Annual Retiree’s Party Hansa Haus -2012
(time-lapse video)

Former Aveos workers in limbo

A Visit to York University Supporting CUPE 3903 Members

Not Rex: Quebec student strike

QANTAS, CASA and ALAEA on Outsourcing Maintenance


Aveos tragedy

Aveos employees in Ottawa 1

Aveos employees in Ottawa 2.MOV

Canadian activists occupy Labour Minister Raitt’s office in response to attack on Air Canada workers

Olivia Chow - Aveos

Lisa & Calin Sure Love to Dance! Tango? You bet!

IAMAW Members Rally at T1 -Toronto’s Pearson Airport -March 9, 2012

Calin Rovinescu Gets Served!

March 2 Rally at Pearson Airport

Solidarity with PALEA workers, at Toronto Pearson Airport

PALEA Solidarity Rally -Toronto Pearson Airport
-December 10, 2011

Twitter: Yours to discover

Rick’s Rant – Harper and the Truth
Rick Mercer

-Rick Mercer Report

Stephen Harper took a piss on our charter, again.

Toronto Emergency Public Warning -Rabble

Occupy Toronto – Economics 101 –
What you need to know about banking in Canada

The Stephen Harper Way

2011 Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) Convention
IAMAW Canada

Demonstrators Protest Labour Minister Lisa Raitt
November 18, 2011 CD Howe Institute

Qantas grounds entire fleet

Qantas turmoil

Air France Flight Attendant Strike hits holiday travellers

“Rally at Raitt’s” October 13, 2011
Speaker: Dave Ritchie General Vice President IAMAW

“Rally at Raitt’s” October 13, 2011
Speaker: Sid Ryan Ontario, Federation of Labour

“Rally at Raitt’s” October 13, 2011

Jetconnect (HUNGRY BEAST)
Qantas is known as the national airline,
but it’s also the national outsourcer.

Jetstar crew members claim exploitation

CUPE “Purple Wave ” Strike Rally September 20, 2011

Ontario Federation of Labour President Sid Ryan
at YYZ Purple Wave Rally September 20, 2011

Machinists at CAW picketline

IAMAW CAW Solidarity

Key Southwest Maintenance Outsourced to El Salvador

Mouseland by Tommy Douglas