Every one of us has the POWER to vote for a better Canada

Canadians turned out in record numbers for the advance polls over the long
weekend. According to Elections Canada, an estimated 4.7 million voters cast
ballots, that’s up 29 percent from the 2015 early polls!

Polls report that since Sept. 13, the NDP has surged by nearly four points to
19 percent support. We have the momentum – this is our opportunity to elect:

  • a government committed to making life more affordable for ordinary Canadians,
  • a government committed to creating universal pharmacare.
  • a government, that cares about the environment and willing to take action to
    battle climate crisis.

On Monday October 21st 2019 – GO VOTE –
And take a family member with you.
Take a friend with you.
Make sure you vote.

Derek Ferguson
Special Representative, Political Action
IAMAW Canada

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