GTAA Advisory: Mandatory Temperature Screening -YYZ

GTAA Advisory

Subject: Mandatory Temperature Screening

From: Governance, Corporate Safety and Security

Contact: Bryan Scott, bryan.scott@gtaa.com, 416-776-3567

Date: 2020-07-27

Effective Thursday, July 30, 2020 at 12:00 local time, the Minister of Transport has issued mandatory measures requiring temperature screening of any person entering a restricted area within an air terminal building from a non-restricted area and of every person undergoing screening at a non-passenger screening checkpoint outside an air terminal building. Temperature screening will be conducted by CATSA at passenger and non-passenger (employee) screening points.

An employee found to have a temperature of 38°C or greater during the temperature screening, or refuses to be subjected to a temperature screening, will be denied entry into the airport restricted area. In addition, employee’s denied entry as a result of the temperature screening will be advised not to access any airport’s restricted area for a period of 14 days, unless they provide a medical certificate certifying that their elevated temperature is not related to COVID-19. Except for crew members, the employee’s RAIC/Restricted Area Pass (RAP) will be suspended by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) Safety and Security department for the duration of the suspension.

The employee’s RAIC/Restricted Area Pass will be reactivated at the completion of the 14 day suspension; or, when the employee presents a negative COVID-19 test result or submission of a medical certificate to their employer certifying that the elevated temperature is not related to COVID-19. The employer, upon receipt and acceptance of the test results or medical certificate, may contact the GTAA Safety and Security department to arrange for the reactivation of the employee’s RAIC/RAP.

It is advised that employees should obtain a medical certificate in advance should they experience an elevated temperature on a regular basis. In this case, employees should carry said medical certificate with them along with their valid RAIC/RAP when planning to enter the restricted area.

Exceptions: Temperature screening will not apply to emergency responders and peace officers who are actively responding to an emergency.

Please note that violations of or non-compliance to the mandatory temperature screening measure may result in monetary or administrative penalties.

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