Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to bring awareness to an important matter concerning the shortage of equipment
within the Airports Department, specifically on the ramp.

Your Union acknowledges the challenges posed by these equipment shortages, and we mirror
your frustrations. We have engaged the company regarding this ongoing issue and brought
forward our members concerns. We have been informed that the company is actively working
towards resolving the shortages by implementing strategies and working to increase the number
of serviceable equipment on hand.

In the meantime, I encourage you to communicate any instances where you find yourselves
lacking the equipment needed for your duties by informing both manpower and your manager.
Communication in these instances is vital to safeguard yourselves from liability.
It is important to remember that the company is responsible for ensuring that every
employee has the necessary tools and equipment to fulfill their duties. While the company
works to address these shortages, we must continue to prioritize safety and adhere to the
established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). I want to emphasize that no member
should cut corners to bypass using any equipment that they are lacking to fulfill their

Safety is of paramount importance to us all. Adhering to the SOPs are not just a requirement,
but a commitment to maintaining a safe working environment. Breaking SOPs and/or cutting
corners can lead our members to disciplinary action by the company. All members
should strictly adhere to these procedures at all times, ensuring your well-being and that
of your colleagues.

If any member is faced with a situation where they are put at risk of violating SOPs or their
safety, please report this immediately to your manager and your Health and Safety Committee

Your dedication to your work and your commitment to safety are highly valued. Please reach
out to your shop committee or myself should you have any questions or concerns.

In solidarity,
Mahmoud Khatib
General Chairperson
IAMAW District Lodge 140

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