In Response to AC Cargo Global Hub Bulletin “GTA DNATA FRESH LAUNCH” dated Aug 16th 2019

August 20, 2019

In Response to AC Cargo Global Hub Bulletin
“GTA DNATA FRESH LAUNCH” dated Aug 16th 2019

Sisters & Brothers,

On August 15th 2019, Air Canada Cargo Management (hereafter known as the Company) advised the
IAM&AW Local Lodge 2323 and District 140 (hereafter known as the Union) of its intent to send the
remaining perishable goods stored in the Cargo 1 cooling facility to GTA DNATA. The Company bulletin
was then released to the Cargo Employees on August 16th 2019.
This is in addition to the goods (including but not limited to all pharmaceuticals and other food
perishables) already sub-contracted to this third party. This is despite a collective agreement
guaranteeing our work through April of 2026.

Moving this work has never been acceptable to the Union. A grievance was filed and to this point, we
have already entered into almost 2 years of meetings to resolve this issue. The Company has proposed
options that would see the work return to our bargaining unit in the way of extensions to the current
Cargo 1 building or the construction of a “super cargo facility”. No work on either has ever begun.

The Local Lodge Executive Board and the Members of 2323 voted to retain legal counsel to assist District
140 Chairperson Paul Lefebvre in the matter. We are very confident to have the assistance of
Ian Roland (Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP) with this case.

In July 2019, the grievance was brought to mediation under Arbitrator Brian Keller with no resolve.
A full evidentiary arbitration has been scheduled for October 20d 2019 under Arbitrator Keller.
Both sides have retained legal counsel.

The Company has claimed that the current Cargo 1 facility is unable to accommodate this growth, and
that the only facility able to, is GTA DNATA. At no point has it been the Union’s intention to limit the
Company’s growth. As a union our mandate is to have our work and Membership increase. It is and has
been our position that another facility or renovations can be made to have this work return in a timely

This latest bulletin shows the Company’s blatant disregard for our Members and the Collective
Agreement of 2016. This now shows that the intent was never just about facility restriction, as we leave
a cooler space empty to allow the Company to ship more work to third party sub-contractors.
We have made our Legal team aware and this issue has been added to the current grievance.
We will continue to keep the Membership informed as developments occur.

In Solidarity,

Dave Flowers
President LL2323

Paul Lefebvre
General Chairperson District 140

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