LL2323 Dec 6, 2022, Election Information Clarification

November 30, 2022

LL2323 Dec 6, 2022, Election Information Clarification
This bulletin is to address the information being circulated on online forums regarding the upcoming December 6, 2022, LL2323 elections.
For members to vote in the upcoming election; they must have:

A) card number, or
B) Been employed with Local worksite for more than 2 months.
1) A signed or unsigned union card has nothing to do with an absentee ballot request being denied. It comes down to a membership application having been sent to the local lodge secretary treasurer to be processed.
2) Every member upon being hired, has to fill out the application form and send it in. This generally occurs when a member is hired, and they are given a membership application form to fill out. The member is assigned a union number after the membership application is processed.
3) Your union number is printed on said card, but you have a union number regardless as long as you have submitted a membership application form and it has been processed. A member that has not submitted a membership application form is given what is called a ZR number. A ZR member would not be eligible to get an absentee ballot. It is always the members’ responsibility to ensure they are in good standing with the union.

Any member that has been working two months or more, are assigned a ZR number automatically. If you are a ZR or non- member; You can either come in PRIOR to or you can show up on the election day at the local lodge, fill out a membership application form and they will be allowed to vote.
4) Thus, ZR members CAN vote once they fill out a membership application form onsite at the vote.

Paul Hicks          Sal Amin                       Mark Falconer
President           Recording Secretary      Secretary Treasurer

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