NOTICE -Air Canada Toronto Cargo -Sub-Contract of Member Work -District Lodge 140

Air Canada Toronto Cargo
Sub-Contract of Member Work
April 11, 2018

Air Canada Cargo management contacted your Union last October regarding their wish to
operate a sub-contract operation at Pearson Airport. This concerned Temperature
Sensitive Cargo shipments that the present YYZ facilities cannot accommodate.

Your Union set out to create a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that would allow this
concept as a temporary measure. We requested specific job security provisions while the
sub-contract was active and only until the reconstructed Cargo facility is completed.
Management assured us that GTA/DNATA employees would not be involved in the build-up
or breakdown of any ULD’s or cargo entering their facility. Nonetheless, we sought
written job security guarantees should a staffing surplus occur during the sub-contracting.

The Company rejected our proposal and we grieved the matter as a violation of our existing
10-year Job Security Agreement.

Cargo management again approached your Union in late March. It was then they informed
us that GTA/DNATA employees would in fact now be involved in the build-up and break-
down of Temp Sensitive Cargo at their facility. Your Union again attempted to have Cargo
management agree to a MOA that sees all work return to our members in the event of a
staffing surplus, or that surplus staff be retained while this sub-contract remained. This
offer to assist in the matter was again rejected by management.

Air Canada Cargo has left us no choice but to proceed with the grievance and ultimately
binding Arbitration. It is our opinion that this sub-contract of our members work is a clear
violation of the Job Security Agreement that stipulates all work where we had staff on the
ground as of January 1, 2016, be exclusive to our members through 2026.

We would have preferred to reach agreement that sees expansion of business and
ultimately more jobs created. We cannot however, agree to allow a sub-contract of work
without specific job security provisions for our members.

In Solidarity,

Paul Lefebvre
General Chairperson
Central Region

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