Ontario election 2014: Liberals return to power with majority

Tim Hudak resigns as PC leader following decline in vote share and seats!

Thanks to all who contributed and assisted in the #STOPHUDAK campaign.

The Conservatives were unable to pick up any new seats from the other parties but lost 10.  Here’s how it played out:

Liberals were elected or leading in 59 constituencies to 27 for the Progressive Conservatives and 21 for the NDP.


Our work and the work of other Union & Associations paid off by keeping Tim Hudak off the podium as the Premier of Ontario.

The work of the Liberal Party of Ontario now is just starting and our own work ahead includes seeing Stephen Harper being defeated in the 2016 Federal Election.

It’s never too early to start. Hope you agree.

Thanks to all who got out and cast their Vote!

Here’s a breakdown of the Election Results by Riding (courtesy of the Globe and Mail)

Ontario election results: live riding-by-riding breakdown



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