Political Action Committee (PAC) -Committee Expansion

June 5, 2017

Political Action Committee (PAC)
Committee Expansion

Local Lodge 2323 is looking for Members who want to affect a change in this dubious of political
climates both on a National and Provincial level.

We will provide anyone who wants to participate in this Committee the skills necessary to go forward
and lobby with confidence, both your Federal Members of Parliament (MP) and Provincial Member of
Parliament (MPP).

We have a very active group of Members who are participating in our Political Action Committee who
are like minded and want to let the powers that be know; that our votes matter and the governments
must hear and listen to our collective voices.

The expectation of Members in the Political Action Committee will be to attend meetings when
announced and to participate in the mandates arrived from these meetings. Time Clearance will be
provided should it be needed.

If you wish to become a Member of this PAC please contact Brother Dave Flowers (President) by email
with your name and contact information (address, phone numbers and email) or
Brother Bryan Wilson (PAC Chairperson) at bryanwilson@techie.com; note we are not limiting the
number of members at this time, so invite a fellow Member to join with you.

In solidarity,

Dave Flowers

Collective Action is Powerful
Making participation more possible, probable, and powerful means thinking about how individual acts of
participation can have the mast impact in the world. Most institutions, especially government, don’t respond toindividual demands (unless you have a lot of money) as well as they do to collective action. So a single act of
protest is relatively unlikely to result in transformational changes in the status quo.
Ford Foundation Equals Change Blog
Ethan Frey, Program Associate, Civic Engagement and Government 24 June 2016
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Interested in joining a committee or have specific concerns you’d like addressed? Reach out to us using the contact form below, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.