Re: Labour Unrest Associated With UNIFOR Employees

May 21, 2015                     Fax: 416-676-4551

Mr. John Beveridge
Director, Labour Relations
Air Canada

Dear John:


The IAMAW is writing to you in concern of what appears to be impending labour disruptions with your Sales Agents at UNIFOR.

We ask that you immediately return any of our members who are acting in any management type function above the Scope of the Agreement whether in agreed to positions or not. We cannot condone having our members acting for management in case of any possible labour disruption.

In addition, we are asking you to provide the IAMAW with your plan on how our members will have safe and unrestricted access to the workplace in the event of UNIFOR withdrawing their labour or with Air Canada locking these same folks out.

It is imperative as well as and the Company’s responsibility to provide our members with a clear understanding and written procedure for crossing picket lines with safe and unrestricted access to their work locations.

Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated.


Gary Sinclair
General Chairperson
Central Region

Boyd Richardson
General Chairperson
Central Region

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