Tech Ops Shop Committee -Layoff Update

Layoff Update Brothers and Sisters, As you may be aware many of our brothers and sisters starting receiving layoff letters this past Monday. These letters have effective end dates. The affected […]

Tech Ops Bulletin -Layoff Update

LAYOFF UPDATE Brothers and Sisters, As a result of the June 3rd bump meeting we can expect the additional layoffs of our Brothers and Sisters in YYZ; Cat 01.. …….. 09 […]

Tech Ops Bulletin -Round One Layoff Update

Brothers and Sisters Your District and Regional Union representatives met with the Company on May 17 and 18. The purpose of our attendance was to ensure the provisions of Article […]

Tech Ops Shop Committee -YYZ Layoff Update

May 5, 2011 YYZ Layoff Update As previously announced in the May 2 Shop Committee bulletin, Air Canada is laying off 50 of our Brothers and Sisters in Toronto. Unlike past […]