There’s Something Troubling in the Air -President’s Message

There’s Something Troubling in the Air
-President’s Message

“We Could Lose a Significant Amount of our Jobs!”

The membership has known about the names but not the corporate intentions. Change is in the air and so is the way Air Canada will fly, and the only questions left unanswered are “will l, as an IAM member, still have a job and what is my Union doing about it?”.

Air Canada is transferring some of its flying routes and aircraft to Air Canada’s Low Cost Carrier (LCC), AC rouge, a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Canada. Air Canada’s LCC AC rouge model is about lower labour costs. Air Canada is also transferring aircraft and routes which were operated by Air Canada to Sky Regional Airlines. In addition, they are reducing Jazz routes and transferring these routes to airlines such as Sky Regional, Air Georgian and EVAS Air. All of Air Canada’s Regional Carriers seat sales are controlled and sold under the Air Canada brand AC Express. Air Canada IAM members currently provide ground handling, grooming, line maintenance, finance and clerical services for AC rouge. They also provide ground handling and some grooming services for Jazz and Sky Regional Airlines. The Jazz ground handling work is currently secured within the current Collective Agreement between the IAM and Air Canada. “Our members have to understand that if Air Canada can cut off the Union from representing its members in relation to all the work they currently do for AC rouge and Sky Regional, this could impact a significant amount of jobs,” explained IAM District Lodge 140 President and Directing General Chairperson Fred Hospes. “This will impact members across the country. This won’t affect only in certain locations, it will affect throughout the whole country.”

To combat this corporate move, the IAM filed two applications to the Canada Industrial Relations Board for single employer status between Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada and Air Canada Sky Regional. “It’s the same single employer and we want to make sure we are at the bargaining table to protect the work done by our members at Air Canada,” said Hospes.” We want to make sure that this work remains within our Collective Agreements with Air Canada. Our members need to know Air Canada’s intentions” said Hospes.

“It’s imperative that the membership know what is going on out there,” he said. “You know we talk about political action a lot and this is one of those instances. This is where the membership has to know what Air Canada is up to, whether or not it is trying to outsource or offload their jobs or get rid of their jobs,” added Hospes. “The IAM membership and I know Air Canada has the full support and legislative backing of the Conservative government. This is where it’s extremely important that the members understand what the impacts are to them in order that they can protect themselves and understand how important it is to get out in the next election and vote in a government that is labour friendly and protect their jobs.”

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