2323 Bulletin: Strike Captains -Air Canada


With a view to the experience of our Brothers and Sisters at CAW and CUPE in their recent rounds of collective bargaining with Air Canada, LL2323 is soliciting volunteers in the event that an impasse is eventually reached at the IAM&AW collective bargaining table and a strike becomes necessary.

This is strictly a measure of prudence based upon Air Canada’s seeming inability to conclude around of collective bargaining without industrial action or government intervention. All of the DL 140 Local Lodges affiliated with Air Canada have been in discussions over this matter and we feel that it is in the best interests of our members to be fully prepared in the event strike action becomes necessary to successfully achieve a new collective agreement.

Therefore, LL2323 is soliciting any members who wish to step forward and volunteer to act as Strike Captains in the event a strike becomes necessary. We want to determine and identify our group of volunteers so that we can schedule and implement the necessary training to support this effort.

Any members interested in signing up to act as a Strike Captain are asked to send an email to strikecommittee@iamaw2323.ca or send a fax to 905-678-0034. Please include your name, employee number, category, work location and current shift schedule so that we can ensure that we have complete and adequate coverage of all work locations.

The Executive and Officers of LL2323 thank all of our members for your continued support of our own IAM&AW negotiations committee and our Brothers and Sisters at all of the affiliated Air Canada unions as they struggle to reach meaningful collective agreements with this employer.

In solidarity,

Steve O’Hara

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