ALL IAMAW MEMBERS AIR CANADA -Pay Issues -District 140 Bulletin #39



District Lodge 140 General Chairmen met with Air Canada Labour Relations, an IBM representative and an Air Canada payroll representative to find a solution to the pay issues that we have been dealing with.

The Company advised us that, in each city, managers have been assigned to correct these issues on a going forward basis. Therefore, if you have a pay issue, please advise your supervisor who will inform you on how to proceed.

The issues that were brought to the attention of the Company ranged from vacation clawback to incorrect pay for job function performed to just simple shortfalls in pay.

The Company advised us that they have broken the issues into two categories: time owed for hours worked such as overtime and change of hourly rate. The change of hourly rate issue includes change of status from part time to full time, upgrade to Lead Station Attendant or CSA and hours worked in a week.

In the first category, the Company has advised us that the overtime correction should not take more than four business days once the process has started. Concerning the hourly rate issue, this could take longer but, depending on the situation, the manager can escalate this process. The Company has not yet supplied a timeframe on this escalation process.

The Company is working on a process that will allow our members to not only view their wages but also the exceptions that are applied to that pay period.

The Union requested that more information be supplied on the pay cheques so that our members can understand what they are being paid or deducted for.

Concerning IBM through HR Connex, the Company has advised us that they will now have a way to escalate the questions that are asked of them: if a member calls HR Connex and is not satisfied with the progress that is occurring, the member can ask to escalate the situation. HR Connex is looking into supplying a report to the member after the process has been completed.

We will keep you informed as we continue to ensure that our members are treated and paid correctly.

In solidarity,

Tony Didoshak
General Chairperson, Western Region Transportation District 140, IAMAW


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