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January 7, 2011

Today Boyd Richardson, Derek Morgan and Gobinder Khaira met with Dave Duffy and Will Westwick regarding a number of issues that have been brought forward from our members in Cabins. We discussed a significant number of issues with the hope of creating a more conducive work environment.  Some of the things we discussed were more recognition for those who do a good job day in and day out and a method of addressing members issues with management. One of the ideas was to ask the membership to offer constructive ideas on how to improve the Cabins work environment and also the idea of setting up a workplace improvement committee to address on-going issues. Management seemed open to these ideas.

We will be meeting in the near future to look at ways of implementing more member participation in resolving issues. Any constructive ideas you have, please forward them to Will Westwick or Derek Morgan.

The Shop Committee               General Chairperson

Derek Morgan                                 Boyd Richardson
Frank Morgani
Vick Seebalak
Brad Gomes

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