BULLETIN From General Vice President -Canada Stan Pickthall

December 15, 2020

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Sisters and Brothers:

I am writing further to my letter of December 10 with respect to members paying
their out of work dues. This generated several calls to my office, so I wish to be
absolutely clear:

1. Members who are on layoff or furlough are responsible to pay their own
unemployment dues. They may not be paid by the Local Lodge on
behalf of laid off/furloughed members. (Exceptions may apply, only for
sick or disabled members, per Official Circular 870)

2. Accordingly, the Lodge should communicate this to all laid off
members, through their website, email lists and any other available
communications channels.

3. Members must make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible
with their Local Lodge Secretary-Treasurer.

Please note: members must be in good standing in order to participate in Local
Lodge affairs, including meetings and voting privileges.

Yours in Solidarity,

Stan Pickthall
General Vice President

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Attachment: GVP letter dated December 10, 2020


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