By-Law Amendments Notice

March 6, 2018

By-Law Amendments Notice

The proposed Local Lodge 2323 By-Law Amendments will be read out
at the April 03, 2018 General Membership Monthly Meeting.The Second
reading and voting are to take place at the May 01, 2018 General
Membership Monthly Meeting.

As per Local Lodge 2323 By-Laws, Section 3, any proposed By-Law
Amendment must be submitted by April 02, 2018, by fax, mail or in person
(not by email) to the Local Lodge 2323 Recording Secretary and signed by
no less than 5 members in good standing. The By-Law Committee will
review all proposed amendments and at the May 01 , 2018 General
Membership Monthly Meeting and will recommend either “concurrence”
or “non-concurrence” with the proposed By-Law Amendment.

A majority affirmative vote from those present at the meeting is needed
to then seek approval from Grand Lodge for the changes.

In solidarity,

Dave Flowers

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