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April 5, 2012

Cabins Shift Bid

The Shop Committee met today with Dave Duffy and Danny Wang, resource manager to see if there was any way to move the 12pm to 0800 shift to an earlier time.

The shift times are based on the flight schedule. There are more flights in early morning that have to be worked then there are this bid, therefore the company needs a later start time. We tried to find any possible way to move the shift at least one half hour earlier; the company said it cannot be done without jeopardizing early morning flights.

The shift bid will be out tomorrow, it is the bid that was agreed to by your shift bid committee, Angie Oliveri, Arlene Wheildon and Michelle Clark. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the shift bid, speak to the shift committee members.

To be clear, the company decides the shift times, not the Union or the shift committee. If you are unhappy with the shift bid, only management can make changes at this point, neither the Shop Committee nor the shift bid committee can.

The Shop Committee

Derek Morgan Frank Morgani

Vick Seebalak Brad Gomes

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