District 140 Bulletin -Air Canada / Airports and Cargo Application of General Holiday and Vacation Allotments

Air Canada / Airports and Cargo Application of General Holiday and Vacation Allotments

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The Union represented the membership at arbitration in regards to applying the General Holiday (GHO) and Vacation Allotments in 2013.

The arbitrator stated that the vacation allotments in the “B” and “C” stations had not changed in years. For this reason, the Company would need to prove, if they wished to reduce these allotments, that there is an operational requirement to do so. As they were not able to prove this requirement, the vacation allotments for the smaller stations will remain the same as they were in 2012. The GHO will fit into the white space that will remain after the initial selection is completed and the onus will be on the Company to ensure that there are sufficient vacation allotments available to accommodate the burden that exists.

The arbitrator also ruled that the Cargo and Airport branches will have to follow the same GHO application in a given city. In other words, what one branch does in one city is what the other branch will be required to do in this same city.

There was a further ruling on the vacation allotment application and availability of members who are on a 4×2 shift pattern. Originally, vacation periods were blocked off if the week they wished to bid on started on a Friday. This restriction will be lifted for the 2014 vacation bid. The Company and Union will be sitting down locally to see what can be done for the 2013 bid.

The arbitrator stated that this decision represents an interim award for 2013 and that both parties will have to meet and settle on a permanent solution for the application of the GHO in the future.

In solidarity,

Tony Didoshak General Chairperson


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