140 Bulletin: Dispensation from By-Laws



Dear Brothers and Sisters:

In decisions 9994-U, 9995-U and 9996-U, the Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) granted the application of Air Canada and Aveos to split the bargaining certification for the Heavy Maintenance and Clerical bargaining units.

Last March 9, Transportation District 140 and representatives from Local Lodges 1763, 1751, 2323, 714 and 764 met in Vancouver to discuss how the bargaining process would take place in light of these decisions.

The Local Lodges have decided the following:

1. The current Technical Maintenance and Operations Support (TMOS) bargaining committee will continue the pre-negotiations process and build a bargaining agenda.

2. The current committee will continue the TMOS negotiations until such time as the administrative process for the transition has determined which members will become employees of Aveos.

3. When it has been determined which employees are now Aveos employees, the members of the present TMOS bargaining committee who are designated Aveos employees will be removed from the committee and the process to form an Aveos bargaining committee will begin.

4. The Local Lodges’ process for replacing any TMOS bargaining committee member who is now an Aveos employee and for forming an Aveos bargaining committee will be done through an election. The entire process – from nominations to elections – will take place within 30 days.

5. After the split, the number of committee members from each Local Lodge will be adjusted to: TMOS – LL 1763 – 1 member; LL 1751 – 2 members; LL 2323 – 3 members; LL 714 – 1 member;

LL 1681- 1 member; LL 764 – 2 members. Aveos – LL 1763 – 0; LL 1751 – 3 members; LL 2323 – 1 member; LL 714- 1 member; LL1681 – 1 member; LL 764 – 1 member.

6. The number of members from the Clerical bargaining unit on each committee will be determined after the transition.

Given the information provided above, General Vice President Dave Ritchie has approved our request for dispensation from the By-laws of Transportation District 140 and Local Lodges 1763, 1751, 2323, 714, 1681 and 764 on the following:

1. When and if the transition process from Air Canada to Aveos determines which members are to become Aveos employees, the President and Directing General Chairperson will determine the split date.

2. Nominations and elections for vacant positions will be completed by all Local Lodges within 30 days of split date.

3. Given the short time period for completing the elections, polling stations will be held in each city – outstations included – thereby removing the requirement for absentee ballots.

4. The 50% attendance requirement (at monthly local lodge meetings) will be removed, if necessary.

5. Anything else that the General Vice President has determined as necessary to complete the process.

The intent-to-bargain notices for all collective agreements were sent on March 21, 2011. Separate letters were sent to Air Canada for the TMOS, Finance and Clerical bargaining units and to Aveos Fleet Performance for the Maintenance and Clerical bargaining units.

To determine the location and schedule of future bargaining and to cover the requirements under Section 50 of the Canada Labour Code, initial meetings are scheduled next April 7 in Toronto.

The IAMAW would like to thank you for your continued support. Any and all information regarding future bargaining will be communicated as soon as arrangements are finalized.

In solidarity,

Chuck Atkinson
President and Directing General Chairperson





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