Fight for $15 & Fairness Day of Action -Machinists Rally YYZ

I am very proud of the work our LL2323 PAC Committee did to put together a great Fight for $15 and Fairness rally at YYZ on Friday.

During the morning, we handed out information and luggage tags in Terminal 1 and 3. While handing out flyers to our co-workers, it started many conversations about our workplace. There were more than a handful of workers that said they currently have two jobs to get by and lot’s of workers said thank you for doing this.

The rally was a success because we worked together. Members from all three levels of our union pitched in to get this off the ground. It is also important to recognize that building alliances with the #‎15andfairness campaign over the last few months helped to create awareness with other labour and community groups about the serious issues workers face at Pearson International Airport.

We had a great turn out and it was amazing to see so many friends pour off the bus that came up from the Ministry of Labour rally to give us support. It was great to see people from the community with members of UFCW, USW, UNIFOR, TAWC, and the IAM standing together in solidarity.
We chanted and marched right up to the GTAA’s doorstep demanding a $15 minimum wage and an end to contract flipping.

“What do we want? 15 DOLLARS! When do we want it? NOW!”

Thanks again to everyone that showed up and a special thank you to our excellent speakers!

Dan Janssen

Check out a few pics below!

Photo credits: Bryan Wilson








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