Fight for $15 -Friday April 15, 2016 at 3pm -GTAA Administration Building


To our co-workers, friends, and members,

On April 15th, Millions of workers will stand up and fight for a $15 minimum wage all across Canada and the United States. Fast food workers and airport workers have been leading the charge.

Our Local Lodge 2323 Political Action Committee has been working hard to create an avenue for our members to share in this collective experience. At 1500 on April the 15th, we will assemble in front on the GTAA administration building to demand that a $15 minimum wage be implemented at our airport.

We will also be demanding successor rights be implemented into their policies to obtain an Operator’s Permit for an organization that operates out of Pearson. This would effectively protect workers from contract flipping.

Our committee is also fighting for the $15 minimum wage at the Provincial and Federal level.

We need your help. Come to the rally and be part of this massive North American movement. Bring your friends and family. Email your MP and your MPP about our workplace and let them know why workers deserve a living wage.

We can make a difference when we all come together. This is an opportunity for us to do just that. Please join us on April 15th as we demand fairness in our workplace.

In solidarity,

Bryan Wilson, Dave Freeman, Dan Janssen, Brad Gomes and Dave Flowers.
Political Action Committee.

Fight For Fifteen
15:00 hrs
GTAA Administration Building
3111 Convair Drive,
Mississauga, ON

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