IAM Suspends Programming at Winpisinger Center Through End of 2020 -iMail

March 24, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on our economy, our employers and
our membership. For many reasons, including the uncertain nature of when it will be safe for
members and staff to travel and gather in groups, the Executive Council has made the decision
to close the Winpisinger Education and Technology Center for the rest of 2020, effective
Monday, April 6.

If you are enrolled to attend a program at the W3 Center, you will receive a communication
concerning the cancellation of your program.

The decision to close the W3 Center was not made lightly or without deliberation, as both
International President Martinez, General Secretary-Treasurer Cervantes and the entire IAM
Executive Council understand the critical role education plays in the IAM. The IAM, like
organizations all over the world, will continue to monitor the impact of the pandemic.

“Your Executive Council is fully engaged in monitoring and responding to this crisis,” said
Martinez. “I’m looking forward to reopening the Winpisinger Center at the earliest possible
opportunity and resuming world-class education for our members and staff.”

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