Dear IAMAW Membership,

I am writing to address a concerning issue that has recently come to my attention, involving certain
members receiving “Shift Trade Removal” warnings from the company after reporting their unavailability
for duty on shift trades due to reasons such as illness, family care, or other criteria protected under the
Canada Labour Code.

It has come to the union’s attention that some members, especially those participating in “double shifts”,
have been facing undue pressure and warnings from the company for simply exercising their rights to
report unavailable for duty on shift trades. We want to make it absolutely clear that our members have the
legal right, protected under the Canada Labour Code, to report their unavailability for legitimate reasons,
including illness or family care obligations.

The IAMAW staunchly rejects any notion that our members are not allowed to report unavailable for duty
on shift trades, particularly in cases where health, family, or other protected criteria are involved. It is our
duty as a union to protect your rights and ensure that you are treated with the dignity and respect you

While these notices from the company are currently only warnings, should the company decide to take
action in any form of reprisal against our members by removing their Shift Trade rights, your union will be
immediately following through with the grievance procedure.

We urge affected members to report any incidents of unfair treatment or intimidation related to shift
trades to myself immediately by email at mkhatib@iam140.ca. Your union is here to support you and will
take all necessary steps to address these issues.

In solidarity,
Mahmoud Khatib
General Chairperson
IAMAW District Lodge 140

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