OCTOBER 12, 2023

Dear IAMAW Membership,

I would like to inform you about an important initiative we are undertaking to address the large number of outstanding grievances and appeals within our grievance system.

Due to various challenges, including a lack of information, written statements, or member approval for resolutions offered by the company, we find ourselves dealing with a significant backlog of unresolved issues and grievances. In order to expedite the resolution process and provide you with the support you deserve I will be conducting a Grievance and Appeal Blitz.

During this blitz, I will be personally visiting all departments on multiple dates. This initiative aims to provide you with direct access to me, your General Chairperson, allowing you to discuss your grievances or appeals in person. I am committed to finding a path forward or assisting you in accepting the resolutions already present in the system.

Specific dates for my visits to your respective departments will be provided shortly in an upcoming bulletin.
I encourage each one of you with outstanding grievances or appeals to take advantage of this opportunity. Your feedback and input are invaluable, and I am dedicated to ensuring that your concerns are heard and addressed effectively.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation. I look forward to meeting you in person during the Grievance and Appeal Blitz.

In solidarity,
Mahmoud Khatib
General Chairperson
IAMAW District Lodge 140

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