All lAMAW members will receive by mail a letter with the subject COMMITTEE ON THE FUTURE and information about goals to grow our union.

Please come to the Committee on the Future {COTF) meeting and voice your thoughts on how we can secure a strong future for the IAM1s next generation. We want to hear from you, the members, on how we can make our union better.

The committee members, who equally represent the Local, District, Territorial, and Grand Lodge levels of our union, will travel to locals and districts in every corner of North America to hear from the membership and document their suggestions and concerns.

The committee also heard from several 1AM Grand Lodge departments and received a personal thank you from 1AM International President Robert Martinez Jr.

“I appreciate the members on this committee for dedicating their time and knowledge to help
grow our union,” said Martinez. “Our union has always relied on ideas from our membership, officers, staff, and others to think of new ways to grow. I am extremely proud of the next generation of 1AM leaders and activists who will help create a secure future for generations of 1AM members.”

“Everyone represents their territory well, so l am proud to see the efforts to move our great union forward. I encourage members to participate and give their honest feedback during these COTF listening sessions. I hope we emerge a stronger organization after this process.” said 1AM Headquarters General Vice President Dave Chartrand.

In Solidarity,
Vick Seebalak

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