December 6, 2021


In order to get the opinion of our membership, we will be conducting a survey. To do that we
MUST ensure that only members vote by asking for your PERSONAL email address and your full

Please click on the link below to go to a GoogleForm to submit your information. This link will
be live from December 06, 2021 to December 17, 2021.

Short link:


Long link:


After you register, your membership will be confirmed by Local Lodge 2323.

You will then be entered into a SECURE voting platform called SimplyVoting, along with all
others who have registered.

• When the survey is active, you will receive an email with a PIN
number and brief instructions. The survey will go live a few days
after the GoogleForm sign up closes.
• You will only be able to take the survey once (4 short questions).
• You cannot change the answers once you have submitted them.
• No-one will be able to see what you have submitted, not even the
administrator of the vote.
• The certified results will be made available to all members of IAM
Local 2323.

Please share this with all Local 2323 members to ensure we have the greatest involvement
possible on this very important survey.

In solidarity,

Paul Hicks
President, IAMAW Local Lodge 2323

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