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May 30, 2017

More paid vacation – Higher minimum wage to come

Minimum wage and minimum vacations for all Ontario workers will improve starting January 1, 2018 as a result of Ontario’s proposed legislation announced today.

On May 23, 2017, the final recommendations of the Changing Workplaces Review were released. The Special Advisors put forth 173 recommendations in respect of labour and employment law reform in Ontario.

The hard work of IAM members and activists has paid off in many ways, although some of our issues where either not addressed or the proposed action does not go far enough. We still have much work to do.

These are the highlights announced by Ontario Premier Wynne today:

  •  We are happy to report that Ontario will propose legislation to increase the minimum wage to $14.00/hr. starting Jan 1, 2018 and increase it to $15.00/hr. on Jan 1, 2019. However we believe it should be increased to $15.00/HR NOW!
  •  Minimum paid vacation to increase to 3 weeks after 5 years
  •  Personal Emergency Leave increased to 10 days per year with 2 of those days paid
  •  Minimum 48HR notice to cancel or change your shift or employee receives 3 hours pay
  •  Part Time workers receive same rate as Full Time workers for equal workMany issues remain to be improved and with your help and our activists, work will continue. We will continue to lobby influential MPP’s to include the issues that were not addressed.

    Stan Pickthall
    IAM Canadian General Vice President
    International Association of Machinists
    & Aerospace Workers (IAM)
    18 Wynford Drive, Suite 310
    Toronto, ON M3C 3S2

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