Notice – Air Canada YYZ Membership – Qualifying Examinations & Interviews – Airport, Cargo & Technical – October 31, 2022


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Promotions to all above-basic positions in the Airports and Cargo operation require the LOU-29 examination and interview to be completed, prior to an employee being considered for the position (along with an application to the position desired) as per the CBA. For the Technical Services category, most transfers and promotions require the completion of the LOU-4 examination and interview in order to be considered.
It has come to our attention that the company has been seeking external hiring (street hire) for many positions within both categories due to the lack of qualified members. While some of these candidates are not considered for isolated reasons, the majority continue to be denied a promotion/transfer due to not having completed the appropriate qualifying examinations and interview. The Union continues to urge the company to post these positions internally, in order to allow our members an opportunity to be considered for these positions and advance their careers. However, due to the lack of qualified candidates, our request to the company for repeated internal posting becomes insignificant.
The LOU-29 examination for above-basic promotions (Airport and Cargo) can be requested through the eHR-kiosk portal on AC Aeronet, through HRconnex; while the LOU-4 and other examinations (Word Level 1, Excel Level 1 etc.), required for Tech-Ops transfers and promotions (Technical Services), needs to be requested by email to management, who will set up the required examinations as needed and requested by the member.
The following emails can be used to request a LOU-4 exam (and other examinations required) for Technical Services positions:
Primary contact: Garry Forster, Maintenance Manager – garry.forster@aircanada.ca Secondary contact: yyzstoresdutymanager@aircanada.ca
Please also copy in (cc) the following Shop Committee emails: yyztechopsshopcomm@aircanada.ca (Tech-ops) and yyzairportshopcomm@aircanada.ca (Airports and Cargo)
If any member is interested and would like to take advantage of the internal hiring process for these positions, please do so without delay. Please note that some positions require additional qualifications (i.e. Word Level 1, Excel Level 1, Radio license etc.). Please reference the Collective Bargaining agreement for the specific prerequisites of your desired position (Article 4.05.16 for Technical Services and Article 6.04.02 for Airport and Cargo operations).
Please reach out to your appropriate Shop Committee and/or General Chairperson should you require assistance or have any questions regarding the internal hiring process.
In solidarity,

Mahmoud Khatib
General Chairperson
Central Region

Satwant Saini
General Chairperson
Central Region

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