Notice to LL2323 IAMAW Members

January 19th, 2016

Notice to LL2323 IAMAW Members

This notice is to advise you of the new dues rates for 2015. The rate for full time IAMAW Air Canada & CUPE Component employees will be $71.86 per month. Part time IAMAW Air Canada employees will be $61.86 per month. The overall rate has been increased by $0.50. This is broken down by a $0.06 increase in per capita to the IAMAW Grand Lodge, $0.25 to District Lodge 140 and LL2323 is increasing their per capita for the first time in 8 years by $0.19 for a total of $0.50.

We will try to stay on the path to managing our dues dollars as best possible.
Hopefully 2016 will bring us all good health and success.

In Solidarity

Wayne Paterson S/T 2323

Linda Mastromattei President 2323

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