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Vacation Reconciliation
December 7, 2016

District Lodge 140 has been in discussions with Air Canada regarding all IAMAW
members who had monies recovered by the Company for what they deemed to be
overpayments in your 2014 Vacation allotments. Many of you received an e-mail from
Air Canada in the Fall of 2015. In it, you were informed that you had overtaken your
particular Vacation allotments for one of various reasons. Nothing seemed to be
happening. Then in early 2016, Air Canada again sent these e-mails to you. The
“Clawback” of the stated amounts began to be deducted from your pay.

Your Union reviewed the matter with HQ Level Labour Relations, including numerous
previous arbitration awards. It was decided that we would seek a settlement where
possible and bring those remaining unresolved to Arbitration. We also set out to have
some clear “ground rules” going forward regarding instances where days taken
exceeded Collective Agreement entitlement.

In order to proceed however, we require certain information from some of you who were
affected by this “Clawback” and in particular:

1) Those who took vacation as per the Company instructions via your ess and
were subsequently told you took more vacation than entitled to, and;

2) Those who received notice of “Clawback” more than 365 days from the
completion of the vacation time.

We ask that you provide the following information via e-mail:

1) The reason given by the Company for the overpayment of vacation monies and;

2) The amount of money that the Company has recovered from you and;

3) Your name, employee number, telephone contact and a non-Air Canada e-mail
if possible.

It is imperative that we gather this information as soon as possible to get the matter
resolved and to prevent future similar problems from arising where possible. Please
forward the requested information to Paul Lefebvre at plefebvre@iam140.ca. Thank
you for your cooperation and assistance.

In Solidarity,

Paul Lefebvre
General Chairperson
Central Region

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