Please Don’t Fire Us for Posting This Bulletin -Step 3 Letters for Forced Overtime

Please Don’t Fire Us for Posting This Bulletin

Step 3 Letters for Forced Overtime

Over the last few days the company has been issuing Step 3 letters for discipline for those members the company alleges never stayed for forced overtime. In its usual ham handed way (please don’t fire us for saying that) instead of interviewing our members about these allegations, the company has chosen to simply hand out letters without ascertaining the facts. Numerous members have told us they were never forced, they were canvassed for overtime but were never informed they were forced.

The Union will be taking these letters to arbitration, anyone who receives one of these letters needs to appeal it and provide the Union with a detailed statement regarding the circumstances surrounding the allegations in the letter.

The Shop Committee

Derek Morgan Frank Morgani
Vick Seebalak Brad Gomes

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