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July 13, 2012

Retro Pay

The Shop Committee spoke today with PDGC Chuck Atkinson regarding the outstanding retro pay. Chuck has spoken to upper management regarding a time frame as to when you will be getting the retro pay that was part of the arbitrated settlement in June. It seems the company will not confirm a date as to when you will receive these funds. We also spoke to GC Boyd Richardson on Tuesday at the District Lodge office. Boyd was told by Labour Relations that a bulletin would be issued that day by the company explaining when we could expect the retro pay.
As of today, we have seen no bulletin from the company.

We understand your frustration with the company. The union has asked the company repeatedly to provide our members with information as to when we can expect our retro pay. For a reason we cannot fathom, they won’t.

The Union suggests that if you require information regarding your retro pay, you speak to the ones with your money, the company. Ask your managers when you are getting your retro and if he doesn’t know, tell him to find out from his manager and let him know you are not happy.

The Shop Committee
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