Shift Bid Update -2323 Bulletin

Oct 2, 2013

Shift Bid Update

The Union met with the Arbitrator on Monday to try and resolve the issues we face with this shift bid, specifically the removal of the Lav & Water Leads and the Connection Leads from the shift bid. As per the Union bulletin dated Sept 30 2013, 3 of the Connection Lead positions will remain on the shift bid for the next bid with the outcome of the Union’s monitoring of the company’s new automated process determining if the positions will return for the next shift bid.

This shift bid will proceed as normal. The bid sheets will be emailed to your Air Canada email account today. The shift bid will commence on Oct 7, 2013 as scheduled.

Under the terms of the new collective agreement, memorandum of agreement on shift schedules, (MOA), the Union has until November 1 to notify the company of their intention to withdraw from the shifting agreement for the following year. Withdrawal from the MOA will result in the forfeiture of 3 GHO holidays ( you’re losing 3 days off not 3 days pay) and shift premiums for those in the affected shift bid location, that is, for example, if we withdraw from the ramp and baggage shift bid it will not affect the Cargo shift bid. The Union believes that by withdrawing from the MOA we will then have the option of implementing a 5X2 shift schedule for the next shift bid. We believe this option will assist us in engaging in meaningful discussions with respect to our shifts in the shift bid process next year.

Your Union representatives will be in the workplace over the next few days and weeks seeking feedback from you, the members affected by these changes to the collective agreement. The Union has until November 1 to inform the company of the Union’s intention to withdraw from the MOA. Your input will determine our course of action regarding your next shift bid. Make your views known to your Stewards, your Shop Committee, your General Chairperson and your Local Lodge President.

Your Shop Committee
General Chairperson Boyd Richardson
Local Lodge President Steve O’Hara

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