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Shop Stewards Airports, Cargo & Cabins


Shane Barnett
Stan Dolnicek
Eugene Boddy
Wayne Burey
Larry Chotai
Mike Cooke
Mike Crilly
Salmon Cupid
Levi Davis
Raul De Florimonte
Trista Dimonte
Brad Gomes
Delroy Lindsay
Simon Nowicki
Jag Prajapati
Peter Stockley
Vinod Kharsikar
Alin Tongea

Trainer 1

Mark Falconer

Baggage CSA

Larry Fleury
Nunzio Bellissimo
Mahmoud Khatib


Cargo Leads/Station Attendant

Luigi Terenzi
Roan Perry
John Iheme
Boyd Richardson
Mike Peeling
Samson Parastatidis
Bill Terkalas
Rob Twomey
Anthony McLaughlin

Gate Planner

Tony Albanese
Azhar Hussain

Cargo CSA

Sal Amin
Mukesh Kumar
Myrna Smith

Zia Goffur
Michelle McDonnell


Cabins -Leads/CSCA

Kris Baboolal
Lakoya Brown
Latoya Elliot
Sandra Khan
Marlene Silva
Antoinette Smith
Nicole Tappenden
Mike Weeks

Load Agents

Rick Fornesario
Frank lozzo


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