TO ALL IAM MEMBERS -STRIKE AT YYZ -District 140 Bulletin


At approximately 9:30 pm on Thursday July 27th, the baggage and cargo handlers at Swissport in Toronto legally went on strike after bargaining talks derailed. The workers were presented with a last and final offer from Swissport that did not meet the needs of the Teamster 419 membership.

This strike is extremely disturbing as the corporation (Swissport) is widely utilizing temp workers or SCABS to work in the secured areas of the airport and that the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) is assisting the corporation by granting the temp agency(s) Licenses to Operate at Canada’s largest airport.

Swissport began the process of hiring hundreds of replacement workers over the past couple of months allegedly claiming it was for “summer help.” Their Union has since filed an Unfair Labour Practice with the Canadian Industrial Relations Board and a hearing is scheduled on Wednesday morning (August 2nd) to discuss and hopefully address the complaint.

Transportation District 140 of the IAMAW fully supports these workers in their struggle to reach a new agreement and denounces the use and method of replacement workers that are being implemented during this dispute.

We encourage IAM Members to show their support by walking the established picket lines at a location near your workplace. Our members can be supportive by picketing with them on your own time (such as before/after work, or days off, etc.). At the same time we underline that it is imperative that you attend work and arrive on time and return from lunch and break periods on time. It is imperative that you remove your RAIC when walking the picket lines and be mindful of your employer’s dress code policies. We don’t want to confuse the public about who is on strike so street clothes are generally the best attire when walking the picket line.

All IAM bargaining units and affiliated Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) bargaining units Union members should be advised that accepting an assignment to perform the work being struck by the Teamster 419 members will be deemed as “SCAB WORKERS.” As such, we discourage any union member from accepting an assignment to perform the work being struck and to advise your Union representatives immediately if any union member is canvassed to perform the Swissport work being struck.

Solidarity is about more than Unions. It’s about working with people on the things that matter. It is also about removing the boundaries that prevent us from working together. It is about believing that what hurts my neighbour also hurts myself, that when I need a neighbour I have no right to expect help if I have not first helped others. Without Solidarity, without considering the needs of others, we will continue to be unnoticed and taken advantage of. Solidarity is a vital step towards creating a more civilized work place and stronger airport community.

We will keep you informed of any developments in the strike action as they unfold.

In solidarity,

Michael Corrado
Regional Assistant Directing General Chairperson
Central Region 


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