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Press release July 20

Vanstone Appointment Clearly Indicates the Harper Government is Running Air Canada!

Friday July 20, 2012
For Immediate Release

Toronto, ON – Does anyone remember Stephen Harper’s commitment to “clean up” Ottawa?

With the hiring of Derek Vanstone, Prime Minister Harper’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Air Canada has made it quite clear that they no longer need to hide the cozy relationship between the corporation and the government. “The cronyism and corruption continues and it appears neither side cares how it looks to the public,” said IAM District Lodge President and Directing General Chairperson Chuck Atkinson.

“The Conservative Government’s agenda seems to be to be the Americanization of labour relations in Canada,” explained Atkinson. “Their interference in the collective bargaining process and blatant removal of the legal rights of Canadian workers within the Federal sector has been part of an ongoing systematic destruction of the rights of organized labour in this country.”

The Harper government’s ultra right wing agenda should be apparent to everyone. They are not worried about governing the country, their only goal is to make sure that they and their rich supporters stay at the trough.
Unfortunately their majority allows them to get away with what should be considered a scandal by any other definition but with the collusion of Air Canada becomes a “win-win” situation for those involved.

As reported in several news releases, Mr. Vanstone’s appointment is subject to the approval of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner. “While there are post-employment restrictions placed upon previous public office holders there is little doubt that this appointment will be approved by the Commissioner,” added Atkinson.

It appears that the majority of the Canadian public seems to be numb to the consequences of this appointment. “Maybe the herd mentality that has taken over,” suggests Atkinson. “I’m OK, their just picking off the other people.” Atkinson says this is yet another wake up call for Canadian workers and offered this warning. “The Harper government is steam rolling over the working people of Canada. GET READY; IT’S YOUR TURN NEXT!”

For further information:
Chuck Atkinson – IAM District Lodge 140 President & Directing General Chairperson
Bill Trbovich – IAM Director of Communications
416-386-1789 Ext #6331/416-735-9765

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