We Have Unity. Now Let’s Get to Work!

Now Let’s Get to Work!

Dear Members,

For the last several months, the IAMAW has been fighting raiding attempts by AMFA, an organization that sought to carve out a portion of the Air Canada bargaining unit. As part of their efforts, AMFA made an application to the Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) with the goal of becoming the bargaining agent for aircraft maintenance engineers, GSEs and other skilled trades. Despite unfavourable legal precedents, AMFA proceeded with their submission.

On May 29th, 2023, the CIRB issued a decision denying AMFA’s application to become the bargaining agent for the smaller group of skilled trades. The CIRB deemed that a collective agreement between the IAMAW and Air Canada is in effect, making AMFA’s attempt to split the bargaining unit, futile. This decision has made it decidedly clear that the path forward is through unity.

This decision brings some stability and consistency; however, the challenging and hard work now begins. Our members were clear about issues they expect to be addressed, both within our structure and the collective agreement. Tours across the country emphasized that connecting and engaging with members is a critical priority; we’ve identified the gaps, and finding solutions has become our organizational priority. In the coming days, we will be announcing a new approach to connecting and communicating with members.

Just as important is upcoming bargaining in 2025-2026. We will not settle for anything less than an industry leading contract, but to do so, I call on all Air Canada members to engage in the bargaining process through completing bargaining surveys, providing contact information to receive timely bargaining updates, and finally, to attend local lodge meetings.

As part of our preparations for bargaining we are working on a bargaining strategy that sets us up for success. We are also working on a strategy to share information and updates more effectively. We have always strived to set industry standards and will continue to do so with your support and help.

If you haven’t signed up for updates, please visit https://bit.ly/IAM140unity or scan the QR code to share your information.

In solidarity,

David Chartrand
General Vice-President IAMAW Canada

Dave Flowers
President and Directing General Chairperson IAM District 140

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