YYZ Airport & Cargo Shop Committee Bulletin -Part Time CSA Grievance

July 28th, 2021

Part Time CSA Grievance

The Union filed a grievance against the hiring of PT CSA’s on May 11th,
2005. (202105102462)
The company denied the grievance stating that there was no violation of
the CBA (6.03.04). On Monday we approached management asking if they
were intending on hiring anymore PT agents. We were told “NO”, we are
not looking at increasing our numbers. Today Wednesday July 28th, we
received email communication that Cargo intends to increase both FT and
PT CSA numbers in the near future and are submitting a staffing request.

Shop Committee

Vick Seebalak
Mark Pacilla
Jonathan (Bubba) Smith
Evangeline Palad

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