District Bulletin #67: Air Canada/AVEOS – TMOS AND CLERICAL


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Your Transition Committee met with the company on August 17 and 18 to deal with all outstanding transition issues.

The union advised both companies that the movement of employees, whether critical or not, had to be done strictly by seniority. This would also include any schedule to move members by seniority. As both companies disagreed with our position, the issues below will be arbitrated on August 29 and 30 in Toronto along with all other outstanding items.

1. Aveos’ one-time offer to employees who selected Option 1, and sub-options 5 or VB3.

2. Other airline and survivor travel benefits for Aveos Category 2 employees (with at least 15 years, but less than 25 years, of seniority).

3. Employees with less than 2 or 5 years of seniority should be afforded the opportunity to select 3 points of recall in addition to their home point.

4. The requirement to have Material Logistics Coordinators and Buyer Analysts at Air Canada.

5. Winnipeg finance positions moving to Montreal.

6. Trenton issues. These include the disagreement on paid moves; how Aveos will handle seconded Air Canada employees in respect of vacation, overtime, shifts, and acting management positions; and seconded Air Canada employees’ ability to submit transfer requests while being seconded. There must also be an exit plan developed for all employees in Trenton who selected to remain with Air Canada.

7. Aveos employees with less than 15 years seniority: the date on which they will be required to make their pass selection and the expiry date of their other airline abilities.

8. Aveos’ and Air Canada’s obligation to carry extra above-basic positions to offset the seconded above-basic employees.

9. Compensation for seconded employees regarding any missed overtime opportunities at the station to which they are going.

10. The requirement for Aveos employees to supply a doctor’s note after 5 days of absence while the Air Canada policy states 7 days of absence.

11. Aveos uniforms for seconded Air Canada employees: whether Air Canada employees are required to wear these uniforms and whether the allotment is sufficient.

The union also asked Aveos senior management what they were offering their employees, considering the secondment of Air Canada employees. Their reply was that they were offering absolutely nothing and that they had not even discussed this topic amongst themselves.

The following issues were resolved:

1. Travel benefits of employees selecting Options 4 & 7. Air Canada notified in writing employees who resigned and have been rehired (“resign/rehires”) that they are not entitled to Air Canada travel benefits. However, as a number of them meet milestones entitling them to Air Canada retirement benefits, the company stated that they would issue revised letters informing these employees that they are entitled to retirement travel benefits.

2. Employees requesting to be laid off out of seniority to allow them to seek alternate employment. The companies have agreed to individual Memorandums of Agreements.

3. Employees who retired and have been rehired by Aveos (“retire/rehires”) will not be required to serve a probationary period.

4. Sick bank balances for retire/rehires will get carried over.

5. Sick time calculations for retire/rehires will be as per the collective agreement based on an employee with over 5 years of seniority.

6. Retire/rehires will not have to re-qualify to apply for an above-basic position.

7. Air Canada is reviewing payment of supplemental health benefits for retire/rehires who also receive Aveos benefits.

8. Members who have elected to go to Aveos will have their time bank transferred over, whether in the positive or negative.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your transition representative.

In solidarity,

Your Transition Committee



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