Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Transportation District 140 representatives and Local Lodge representatives from across the system attended arbitration hearings in Montreal and Toronto on March 5 and 9 regarding the 97 layoff notices issued by Aveos. District 140 would like to take this opportunity to thank the Montreal Shop Committee for all the work and documentation they supplied in order to avoid the majority of the Montreal layoffs.

On March 5, arbitrator Martin Teplitsky informed the Union that Aveos wasn’t obligated to provide the Union and the Labour Minister with 16 weeks’ layoff notice as Aveos wasn’t laying off more than 50 employees in one Industrial Establishment (City). For this reason, he issued a decision stating that 16 weeks’ notice was not required for these particular layoffs.

The arbitrator told Aveos that he could not understand how, a month ago, the Company could request permission to outsource bargaining unit work due to a lack of staff and now say it has surplus staff.

The arbitrator then heard arguments regarding each category/classification that was to be affected by the intended Aveos layoffs and issued the following decisions:

1) All airframe maintenance jobs are protected while there is outsourcing of aircraft.

2) The 22 layoffs in Category 19 and TDC/TDP classifications in Winnipeg is deferred until at least May 1, 2012.

3) The centralization of Buyer Analysts does not make sense at this time. However, the arbitrator informed Aveos that it could lay off Buyer Analysts by using system seniority on condition that there is a lack of work for this classification and that the centralization of Buyer Analysts could be brought back before him at a later date.

4) As Air Canada outsourced four engines to MTU China and six engines are not being used, the arbitrator ceased the Category 11 layoffs. Air Canada subsequently advised the Union and the arbitrator that three of the six engines would be inducted into Aveos’s EMC Shop. Air Canada must notify the Union of its intentions regarding the other three engines.

5) As two ship sets of A319 landing gears have been
outsourced, the intended layoffs in the CMC Shop are ceased until further evidence can be heard. The Arbitrator also allowed the outsourcing of three ship sets of ERJ landing gear.

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Bulletin no.35 (continued)

6) The stockkeeper layoffs were challenged. Aveos must notify the Union if these intended layoff numbers are correct based on operational needs. If they are indeed based on operational needs, these layoffs can proceed but not before March 16, 2012, once the Company and the Union have met to discuss these layoffs and implement the mitigation process.

7) The Union challenged Aveos’s ability to lay off employees within the Clerical bargaining unit while it has seconded Air Canada employees. The arbitrator rescinded these layoffs.

8. The Company must continue paying the laid off Category 24 Electricians in Montreal until March 14, 2012, and meet with the Shop Committee in order to mitigate this layoff.

9) Aveos rescinded the Category 15 and Stockkeeper layoff in Toronto.

10) Aveos rescinded the Category 16 layoff in Montreal.

11) Aveos rescinded the Category 18 layoff in Montreal.

12) The gaps in Montreal and Winnipeg concerning heavy maintenance were addressed. The arbitrator said that he would have to hear evidence on this issue. Since the compensation will be monetary, the issue could be dealt with at a later date if Aveos chooses to use LOU no. 27.

13) Aveos attempted to get arbitrator Teplitsky to issue an award allowing the Company to implement off-duty status (Article 20.15), because of the white spaces within the Heavy Maintenance Gantt Chart. The arbitrator ruled that this was not a legal or viable article for Aveos to implement, as this was not the article’s intent. For this reason, the arbitrator dismissed the Company’s request.

If you have any questions with respect to these hearings, please contact your Shop Committee.

Fred Hospes
Regional Assistant Directing
General Chairperson, Western Region, and Aveos Contact

Tony Didoshak
General Chairperson, Western Region


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