Aveos CCAA Process -Motion for Approval of a Divestiture Process -District 140 Bulletin


April 19, 2012

The Aveos CCAA Process

Motion for Approval of a Divestiture Process

The IAMAW has received the Motion for Approval of a Divestiture Process dated April 18, 2012, from the Aveos Chief Restructuring Officer. This motion is a request for approval from the Court to sell the business of Aveos. It will be heard by the Court on April 20th.

Throughout the entire CCAA process, the IAMAW will be represented by the firms of Langlois Kronström Desjardins and Cavalluzzo Hayes.

The Motion for Approval, the Court Monitor’s Third Report and Exhibit R-1, which sets out the procedures contemplated by the petitioners, are included in the following pages.

Chuck Atkinson
President and Directing General Chairperson
District 140, IAMAW

Bulletin & 30 pages of the Motion

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