District 140 -AVEOS Maintenance Negotiations Update Bulletin #7

Aveos – Maintenance

Negotiations Update Bulletin

February 13, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Your bargaining committee met with the Company during the week of February 6th. During this third round of direct negotiations, we pursued our efforts to achieve a fair and acceptable collective agreement that would recognize the efforts of our membership and ensure the Company’s success.

However, it is with regret that your bargaining committee must report that the process is very slow and tedious. It appears that the Company’s bargaining team members are not fully versed with the collective agreement and they do not seem to have made a serious effort to familiarize themselves with all supporting documentation and agreements. The bargaining committee has notified the Company that we are not at the bargaining table to educate them on the application and interpretation of the collective agreement.

If the Company’s primary focus was labour peace, your bargaining committee is of the opinion that the Company would be sending the following message to our membership: “Aveos is serious about remaining in business well into the future in order to provide its employees with long-lasting prosperous employment.”

Instead, the Company knowingly violates the current collective agreement on a regular basis. This forces the General Chairmen assigned to the Aveos bargaining committee to arbitrate matters on a continuous basis, thereby reducing their availability to bargain. If the Company would adhere to the collective agreement, bargaining could/would proceed at a faster pace, securing a future for all the stakeholders.

The fourth round of direct negotiations is scheduled to take place during the week of February 27th.

In solidarity,

Your negotiations committee

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