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Negotiations Update Bulletin
September 27, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Your Aveos bargaining committee met at the William W. Winpisinger Education & Technology Centre the week of September 18 for negotiations preparation training.

The members of your bargaining committee are:

Al Marshall -Vancouver
Dale Logodin -Edmonton
Scott Gillis -Winnipeg

Yves Ferland -Montreal
Alexandre Pigeon -Montreal
Benoît Lanctôt -Montreal

The committee elected General Chairperson Fred Hospes as the Chairperson for negotiations and General Chairperson Tony Didoshak as the Co-Chair.

While attending this training, the committee developed a strategic plan to prepare for the upcoming round of negotiations with Aveos.

Bargaining Survey

Please take the time to go to the Transportation District 140 website and fill in your bargaining survey. The information obtained will help the bargaining committee members understand what issues are important to you and assist them in this first round of negotiations with Aveos.

All surveys must be submitted by this Friday, September 30.

Your negotiations committee will be meeting once again during the week of October 3 in order to compile the results of this survey and prepare the agenda for the upcoming round of negotiations.

Direct negotiations will start once we’ve reached an agreement with the company on a time frame and location.

If you have any questions in regards to these negotiations, please contact your negotiations representative.

In solidarity,

Your negotiations committee

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