District 140 Bulletin: YYZ Tow Operation Sub-Contract


Below is a letter sent to Air Canada today. This is our response to how Air Canada shows its appreciation.

April 6, 2011
Mr. John Beveridge
Director, Labour Relations
Air Canada


The Union received a sub-contract notice from Air Canada on March 23, 2011 for the tow operation in Toronto. We are dumbfounded as to why Air Canada would chose to do such a deplorable thing at this time.

However, under the provisions of the current collective agreement, the company is required to provide the cost-benefit analysis to us. We are entitled to present submissions in support of retaining the work within the bargaining unit.

The Union will fight vehemently to retain this work and will make ourselves available to meet whenever and wherever required.

We believe this is an act of spite, rather than a logical business practice, as you have not changed or planned to sub-contract Montreal’s or Vancouver’s tow operation.

Yours truly,

Boyd Richardson
General Chairperson

The last ten years has been very difficult on all the members. We have sacrificed to help Air Canada.

Please be advised that this may happen to your work location.


In Solidarity,

Boyd Richardson
General Chairperson

No one is secure!


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