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Baggage CSA’s

November 22, 2013

On Nov 1/13 the Union informed Air Canada of its withdrawal from the shift schedule MOA#12. The consequence that is associated with the withdrawal is the loss of 3 days of GHO and as well shift premiums.
The local Union’s intent did not include your group in the withdrawal of the MOA.

This week on Tuesday the Company informed us that they had included the CSA’s Baggage in the withdrawal. We did not agree, and arranged an arbitration.

Yesterday arbitration was held in front of Arbitrator Teplitsky and his ruling is attached.

Due to his ruling please be advised your GHO now is only 2 days and as well your shift premiums will be eliminated as of January 1 sl 2014 for one calendar year.

Also just to re iterate to give more people a better vacation selection, vacation and GHO will be bid all up, that is, the allotment for vacation plus 20% of the allotment for GHO will be bid flat lined, that is, spread equally throughout the year. The remaining GHO will be spread throughout the year.
Once the vacation bid has taken place, the remaining vacancies will be bid for GHO.

You will also be able to bid week 53, depending on where your cycle falls within this period, a week you were not allowed to bid last year. You will also be able to bid, when on a 4X2 cycle, a vacation slot that begins when your first day in is on a Friday. This also was not permissible last year.

We appreciate your continued support.


Boyd Richardson
General Chairperson Central Region

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