September 27 2023

After a series of constructive discussions with the company and taking into consideration the feedback provided by our valued members regarding the previous shift bid process, we are pleased to announce some important updates that will enhance the efficiency and transparency of our telephone shift bidding system.

In response to your concerns, we have worked closely with the company to implement the following improvements:

Streamlined Process: The company is committed to making the shift bidding process more user-friendly and transparent. To achieve this, we will be utilizing an Excel document that simplifies the bidding process, ensuring a smoother experience for all participants.

Extended Bidding Time: In order to provide everyone with ample time to review and submit their bids, we have increased the bidding time to 3 minutes. This change is aimed at reducing the pressure associated with making quick decisions during the bidding process.

We believe these enhancements will contribute to a fairer and more efficient shift bidding process, addressing many of the concerns that have been raised. If at any point in time during the bidding process it is determined that the Excel document is not providing real time updates and FULL transparency to our membership, the bidding will immediately cease.

We instruct all members to SUBMIT A BID SHEET with clear updated contact details, so that when we call you, you are ready to provide us with your preferred BID LINE NUMBERS. This will ensure accuracy and proper communication when making calls to members.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication and commitment. We look forward to a successful and improved shift bidding experience for all.

Best Regards,

Employee Shift Bid Committee Team

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