Attention All Tech Ops Members (YYZ) -Shift Bulletin

Attention all Tech Ops Members -Shift Bulletin


Dear brothers and sisters.

As you may be aware, the company has imposed a 2 hour start time change on crew 77M without agreement from the Shop Committee or Membership. We consider this a violation of local agreements and the CBA, and effectively served notice to cancel the shift agreement for that work location. Our notice to cancel was not recognized and the company claims there was no agreement in place for crew 77M to begin with. They believe it is within their rights to change the start times due to operational requirements as they see fit. We disagree and have deferred to articles and of the Collective Agreement. This matter is being addressed at level 3 and has been brought before an Arbitrator.

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Additionally, the company has served notice to withdraw the local ACM YYZ shift agreement as well as the transfer agreement.

We are waiting for an official award from the Arbitrator.

Inevitably this will result in the formation of a shift committee to address these issues moving forward.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

In solidarity,

David Freeman
Joe Veltri

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