AVEOS Layoffs violate Air Canada Public Participation Act! -IAMAW Canada Press Release

AVEOS Layoffs violate Air Canada Public Participation Act!

Monday March 19, 2012

For Immediate Release

Toronto, ON – “The Layoff of 2,600 aircraft maintenance workers at Aveos Fleet Performance Incorporated is a direct violation of the Air Canada Public Participation Act,” explained an angry Dave Ritchie – Canadian General Vice President of the IAMAW.

“The act stipulates that Air Canada must maintain aircraft heavy maintenance facilities or have such work performed at facilities in Winnipeg, Mississauga and Montreal,” said Ritchie. Air Canada complied by having Aveos Fleet Performance conduct its aircraft maintenance in these centers. “Since Air Canada is pulling this work from these facilities and seeking alternative suppliers, AVEOS has subsequently ceased operations affecting 1,785 highly skilled workers in Montreal, 412 in Winnipeg and 356 in Vancouver,” explained Ritchie. “This is exactly why we took Air Canada to court when it sold its maintenance unit to Aveos. We knew this could happen and now it has. Air Canada has an obligation to these workers, their families and the Air Canada Public Participation Act.”

“We want the federal government to intervene otherwise a viable industry and its highly skilled workers will vanish forever.”

The IAMAW represents more than 2,300 workers at Aveos facilities across Canada.


For further information:

Dave Ritchie – IAMAW Canadian General Vice President


Bill Trbovich – IAMAW Director of Communications

416-386-1789 ext#6331/416-735-9765

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