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Members have been inquiring regarding statutory holidays that fall
within a scheduled vacation period. The applicable Collective
Agreement article excerpt is included below.

13.02 The periods of vacation outlined in Article 13.01 will be
exclusive of Statutory Holidays which may occur during the vacation

In the event that a Statutory Holiday(s) falls within an employee’s
vacation period, the employee will have, unless otherwise agreed to
locally, the option of:

a) Taking the day(s) in conjunction with the specific vacation period
in which the Statutory Holiday(s) falls;

b) Taking the day(s) at a mutually agreed to time within the
calendar year after the Statutory Holiday(s) occurs.

In the event the compensatory day(s) cannot be granted by
December 31st of the calendar year, the employee will be credited
with seven and one half (7.5) hours for employees covered by
Article 10.01.0lA) or eight (8) hours for employees covered by
Article 10.01.018) at straight time.

After being made aware of contentious issues regarding Article
13.02 both a) and b), we have grieved these alleged violations on
behalf of the Membership.

Thank you for bringing these concerns and discrepancies to our

In solidarity,

Dave Freeman
Joe Veltri

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